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Useful sources on ANE studies


Ancient World Online: 

The Morgan Library/ Museum Blog:


Online Museum databases

British Museum: 
Oriental Institute Chicago: 
Pennsylvania Museum: 



Excavation archives

British Mandate of Palestine Department of Antiquities archives: 

Woolley Excavations at Ur: 



Key journals for Levantine Archaeology

Anatolian Studies
Annales Archeologiques Arabes Syriennes
Annual of Department of Antiquities of Jordan
American Journal of Archaeology
Archaeology and History in Lebanon
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
Bulletin of the History of Archaeology
BAAL: Bulletin d'Archeologie et d'Architecture Libanaise
Egypt and Levant
Israel Exploration Journal
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections
Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient
Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Near Eastern Archaeology
Revue Biblique
Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan
Tel Aviv
The Ancient Near East Today
Zeitschrift des Deutschen-Palästina Vereins



Open-access publications

Open Access journals: 
Open Access Monograph series: 

CREWS Publications: 
Oriental Institute Chicago publications:
Orbis Bliblicus et Orientalis publications: 


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