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Studying Ancient Egypt and the Middle East at University: An Online Conference for 6th Formers

Ancient Egypt and the Middle East bequeathed to posterity some of the most fascinating remains from all of the ancient world. Today it is possible to learn the languages, study the artefacts, and reconstruct the most varied aspects of these ancient civilisations in astonishing detail.

But since these subjects are not offered at A level, few sixth-formers are aware that they exist as University subjects; indeed, many A level students might never have had the opportunity to learn about these cultures.

The purpose of this one-day conference is to give sixth formers an opportunity to explore what it is like to study ancient Egypt and the Middle East at British Universities: to see what makes the subject area so intellectually and culturally exciting, learn about the various degree courses, and understand what admissions tutors are looking for.

This half-day online conference includes short talks by leading experts in the field, opportunities to ask questions about university courses AND the ancient world, and a careers panels made up of current and former students.

Meeting link to be sent to all attendees closer to the event

Image by Estée Janssens

Conference Programme

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